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We’re also introducing a new line of papers

I have been having a hard time getting my papers and canvas since Covid. I had my supplier search for comparable alternatives and after much discussion we settled on what I plan to replace my fine art, photo paper and poster paper.

My supplier and myself have a fair amount of papers on hand so this will gently ease into the change. I have always been a huge fan of Sihl papers and canvas so I plan to be selling all Sihl products after using up my present supply. Sihl, Epson and Frederic’s are the 3 top producers in the world and I have found Sihl to be a lot more what I would look for in papers. In my personal opinion I have never tried Frederic’s but I far prefer the Sihl Canvas over Epson.

I’m replacing the Verona HD250 HD with Sihl Creative Smooth. The Verona is 250gsm and 15mil The Sihl is 320gsm and 19mil. So a heavier paper. The Verona is HD. I have looked at both under a loupe and I truly found the Sihl a little crisper. I am very happy with it and I know my customers will be as well.

I’m replacing my Siena 200L Luster Poster Paper and Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper with Sihl photo papers. The Siena 200gsm 8mil will be replaced with Sihl Supersorb 230gsm 9mil Satin photo paper. The Epson Premium Luster 260gsm 10 mil will be replaced by 3 types of paper. PosterBright™ Matte 200gsm 10mil, Rocket Photo Gloss 190gsm 10mil and Rocket Photo Satin 250gsm 10mil.

The Sihl 350 Satin Canvas won’t change.

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New Paper Pricing in Effect

I’d like to start by saying I haven’t changed my paper pricing since I posted it in 2013. This has not been easy for a number of reasons.

Since Covid was introduced I get notifications of price changes every other month or even more frequent. My supplier’s paper prices have gone up 30-40% this year alone as well as everything else going up including all operating expense.

I’m adjusting the sails so I can keep doing what I do which is provide the finest Giclée archival prints available and at the best prices for the quality.

Covid has taken out a lot of small businesses and will continue to do so and I’m trying very hard not to be one of them. Please shop local whenever possible, support your local artists and support small business as much as you can.

Canvas prices won’t be affected until after the new year or even into 2023.

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The World of Dye Sublimation

A Few of our Available New Products

We have upgraded some equipment and offering a lot more these days than just fine art and canvas prints.

These are just a few of the new products we offer now. We’re always adding and you can contact us if you’d like us to bring in something that we don’t already offer. Our new site will be an ongoing project and we’ll try to keep updating as products come in.

All of these products are produced through dye sublimation. It enables us to print images onto a special paper, then use a combination of heat, time and pressure to transfer the image onto hundreds of products. Polyester TShirts, Puzzles, Coffee Mugs, Flip Flops, Jewelry just to name a few.

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Creating a Puzzle Using Dye Sublimation

This is just a quick video about our process of creating a puzzle using dye sublimation.

Our process is shown below. Our method needs the puzzle to be turned upside down where usually the heat is applied directly to the print. In the world of dye sublimation many people use different methods as not always the same methods work well.

Order your own puzzle HERE

Find other products available for dye sublimation HERE

Follow our Facebook Page about dye sublimation here – Joe-Lynn’s Garage

Creating a Puzzle Using Dye Sublimation
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A Few of Our Available Products – Dye Sublimation

Here’s a quick video of some of our new products.

If you see anything you’d like to have your logo, photo, artwork, etc. on Contact Us and we will have it ready for you in no time! Most times within a few days.

We’ll post more in detail later but you can find these products HERE

See more at our Facebook Page Joe-Lynn’s Garage

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Welcome to Joe-Lynn Design – Our First Post

I’d like to use this blog to introduce our new line up of products. We don’t only offer fine art and canvas prints anymore. We have a wide range of new products you can purchase with your images, artwork, etc.

In early August 2020 we bought a new printer and started producing products through dye sublimation onto polyester fabrics and treated products. I’ll get into that in future posts.

In early December we brought in another new printer. We didn’t set it up until early January and spent most of our free time researching and learning how to use it. Its a DTG (Direct to Garment) printer and it prints directly onto cotton fabric. We have only used it doing TShirts and Hoodies but in time we will start experimenting and possibly offering new cotton printed products.

I’m building a new website on my spare time to showcase all of these new products. Anything we post and all items in the online storefront are available for you to have your own images printed on. They are great for your own use and also make great gift ideas!

We do offer quantity discounts so you can pick up a few items for promoting your own business or to sell with your own artwork.

Follow our Facebook Pages to keep up with what we’re up to.

Joe-Lynn Design Fine Art and Canvas PrintsFinest Giclée Prints Available

Joe-Lynn Design – Direct To GarmentDTG – Direct to Garment Printing (Cotton Fabric, TShirts, etc.)

Joe-Lynn’s GarageDye Sublimation (polyester fabric, TShirts, Mugs, Puzzles, Jewelry, Metal Prints, Flip Flops, etc.)