Art Takes Times Square

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I entered some photos in a contest a few months ago called Art Takes Times Square put on by ArtistsWanted
(See their website HERE)

The object was to gain a number of votes to qualify to have our work shown on one of the biggest stages in the world:
Times Square - New York City. (I'd really like to thank everyone who voted for me and made this possible).
HERE are some images of Times Square for anyone who has never seen it.

Times Square has many electronic billboards and draws tons of exposure at any given time and it really magnified with this event.
There were webcams installed so all of the people involved could see their work displayed from all over the world.

As it grew near time to start the webcams went down and people didn't get to see what they had waited all this time for.
I had 2 computers watching the webcams and both set to record the event in case 1 failed.

As I sat disappointed because they weren't working I watched the twitter feed that was on the page for only about 2 minutes or less when I discovered that someone was posting photos of the event with the hashtag #arttakestimessquare and a link. Her name was Michelle Hunter ( Also known on twitter as @artcoholic) Michelle later proved to play a very important role in this event. She just happened to be there and she wasn't even entered in the event. She also wasn't prepared for the task ahead of her but she performed very well and delivered over 200 photos that she took with her cell phone which made a lot of people happy I'm sure.
I know I certainly was!

I clicked a link and saw it was indeed a photo of some of the billboards at Times Square. I clicked 2 more links and I saw my photo on the screen!
The photo is below and my picture is on the billboard to the right. I've also added the original photo which is an 8 picture panorama of The Kicking Horse River in the town of Field, BC in Yoho National Park, Canada's Rocky Mountains.

At this point this is the only picture I was lucky enough to see so I am very grateful. Thank You Michelle!


Click the picture and it will take you to all of the photos posted by Michelle Hunter (known on twitter as @artcoholic)


Here is the original panorama. (Click it to go to a bigger version)