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Art Documenting Services

Dave Swiecicki Art Documenting Services

Artwork Documenting

If you plan to have your artwork reproduced you will need digital images of the artwork and if you plan to get Giclée prints you should have your work professionally documented. Preserve Your Artwork Forever with Dave’s Art Documenting Services.
Do you have a treasured piece of artwork that you want to preserve forever? Art documenting is the perfect solution!
For professional results we recommend Dave Swiecicki in Winnipeg. Find his contact info below.
Dave does documenting for many Winnipeg artists. He is highly recommended by us and his customers. Whether you have a painting, drawing, sculpture, or any other type of artwork, he can create a digital image that accurately reflects the colors, textures, and details of the original piece.
But why is art documenting important? Here are just a few reasons:
Over time, artwork can fade, crack, or deteriorate. Create a digital image of your artwork. It will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.
With a digital image of your artwork, you can easily share it with others. Whether you want to send it to friends and family, post it on social media, or use it for promotional purposes, a high-quality digital image is essential.
If you want to reproduce your artwork in the future, a digital image is crucial. You can use it to create prints, posters, and other types of reproductions that accurately capture the look and feel of the original piece.

How do art documenting services work?

So how do art documenting services work? It’s simple! Just contact Dave and bring your artwork to his studio at an agreed time and he’ll take care of the rest. He will carefully photograph your artwork using specialized equipment and lighting to ensure that every detail is captured.
And once we’ve created your digital image, we’ll provide you with a high-quality file that you can use however you like. Whether you want to print it, share it online, or just store it for safekeeping, you’ll have a digital copy of your artwork that will last a lifetime.
Don’t let your artwork fade away – preserve it forever with art documenting!

* Image ©Dave Swiecicki

* Please contact Dave in advance to schedule a drop off time


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